BioStation T2 Bio-metric Time Clock
BioStation T2 Bio-metric Time Clock

If you’re like me, there is nothing more annoying than a website which makes it difficult to get a ballpark price for a product you’ve been researching. I totally understand and, I’m confident our product will stand up to your liking without all the pre-sales, sales tactics.

To that point, our Rocket Ship starts at only five hundred dollars per month ($500.00), inclusive of our entire scheduling solution, Online Team Member Portal, Time & Attendance package, plus one bio-metric BioStation t2 time clock!

We also charge a one-time Training & Setup fee, based on your monthly rate. That’s it!

Continued education and training are always included for the lifetime of your subscription.

The above example is based on 35 employees… if you have more… no worries, we can handle it, you’ll really enjoy the price break as well.


Yes, please contact me with more information about Schedule Ease Automated Scheduling!