Paperless, Touch-Free, Automated Scheduling Software for Emergency Service and Retirement Care Providers

Try It for 60 Days: Scheduling Software Designed Specifically for Retirement Care Facilities, Hospitals, and Public Safety

It’s time to take back control of your scheduling. No one should have to put up with missed change requests or last minute scheduling notices. Scheduling for all your departments should be done at least two weeks ahead of time – and with less effort required from you.

Now, it can be, with the release of next-generation scheduling software that delivers a flexible, customizable, user-friendly, and mobile-accessible scheduling experience for emergency service and retirement care providers like assisted living homes, long term care providers, fire departments, and hospitals.

You will need fewer FTEs to create and manage scheduling for more people – saving precious time, money, and stress for your HR department.

Schedule Ease’s newly upgraded software is the breath of fresh air your scheduling operations team has been looking for.

scheduling software you can try free for 60 days

60 Days: A Free Trial that Doesn’t Feel Like a 911 Call

A lot of software companies offer free trials. Sometimes just a week or two. But for emergency service and retirement care providers, even 30 days isn’t enough.

See how our software performs in multiple high-stress test scheduling scenarios.

Free trial includes 2 free bonus training weeks!

get a free demo of scheduling software before you buy it

Get a Free Demo of Schedule Ease

Watch how easy it is to use! Be amazed as you schedule your entire emergency service or retirement care employee team in less than half the time it takes you now! Enjoy the uptick in morale from your happier employees.

You’ll see how all this is possible in a free demo. And on your demo call, don’t forget to ask how the software can be customized to your facility.

Why Staff Members Love It

  • Certainty and clarity about their schedules
  • Request changes anywhere, anytime on mobile device
  • Facial recognition time clock – no touch, disease-free

  • Switch shifts with no office visits
  • View schedule and history online
  • No more paper

Why Schedulers Love It

  • No more confusion or last-minute frantic phone calls
  • Automates schedule creation
  • No more arguments or interruptions in the office
  • Easily and quickly plan and create schedules weeks ahead of time
  • Approve or deny all change requests remotely

Why CEOs, Chiefs, and Department Heads Love It

  • Use fewer FTEs to schedule more people – save budget
  • Serve your community better by matching high skills to particular time shifts and departments
  • Stronger security from cloud-based storage and software
  • Better record-keeping

This Isn’t Just Scheduling Software. It’s Scheduling Software for Emergency Service and Retirement Care Providers

You have many choices for scheduling software. Some of them are good. Many are frustratingly hard to use and don’t provide the customization you wish was there after you’re locked into their contracts. But even among the good ones, most have been designed for general businesses. They’re trying to create a service that any business can use. And that’s great if you run a typical business.

But you’re running a different sort of organization. Emergency service providers like hospitals, fire, and police are not businesses. You operate 24 hours a day. You work long shifts. You have multiple departments, and teams of people with a great variety of skill sets and levels of mastery. You have ongoing coursework and certifications to earn.

Retirement care facilities like assisted living and long term care providers face regular and often unannounced inspections. You also have ongoing coursework and certifications. You also have dining, housekeeping, maintenance, and admin. It’s typical for a retirement care provider to employ hundreds of people, and again, most operate 24 hours a day.

You are not a big box retailer. You are not a fast food joint. You are not a manufacturer.

Your scheduling challenges are on a different level than commerce businesses.

Schedule Ease has written its newly upgraded and customizable software specifically for emergency service and retirement care providers.

Schedule a free demo to see how Schedule Ease will reduce your stress and save you piles of money each month.

scheduling software that increases scheduling process efficiency for long term care, assisted living, hospital, fire, and police

90% More Efficient, Less Chaotic

“We saved paper, time, & personnel, the phones stopped ringing off the hook, and foot traffic has been cut down 90%.”

-Denise Nowak, Table Games Scheduling Supervisor, Bally’s Atlantic City

scheduling software so easy to use you will need fewer fte to manage scheduling for hospital, fire, police, and long term care and assisted living facilities

Easy to Use

“New employees in the scheduling office with little or no computer experience are able to pick it up in a short time. It is very easy to pull information from the database to produce custom reports. Twelve years later and we still have not outgrown Casino Schedule Ease.”

-Franny Ianello, Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

setup our scheduling software quickly with personalized service and customization

Super-Fast Setup

“The quality of training that was given to us was exceptional, within hours we were working on our schedule. Schedule Ease and Online Scheduling have worked great for our Table Game areas.”

-Dennis Asselta, Mount Airy Casino Resort, Pocono, PA

Learn It Today and Start Tomorrow

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