Why Your Staff Will LOVE Our Cloud-Based Scheduling Software

Do you know who gets the most annoyed when your staff members come to your HR department scheduling office to make schedule change requests? Your staff members!

Think of an RN who wakes up one morning to discover her daughter has strep throat and has to miss school. She has to call your office, hope someone answers and has time to talk, and then work though the hassle of tweaking her schedule and switching shifts around at the last minute.

If she can’t get a hold of you or the situation is more complicated, now she has to make a special trip to work just to sort all this out. And she might be contagious.

Whether you employ law enforcement, physicians, admin, dining staff, maintenance, retirement lifestyle specialists, firefighters, or the many other positions in the 24-hour emergency service providers and retirement care industries, unless you have state of the art scheduling software, you probably face a nonstop stream of employees who need to make changes to their schedules.

employees like this person will love this scheduling software

They call. They email. They come in. If no one is there, they leave notes you have to decipher. If someone is there but is too busy, you write a note to yourself, and the employee has to hope you remember to deal with it in time.

Your employees hate this system!

It’s slow. It’s confusing. It’s inconsistent. It’s anxious. Maybe I’ll get my schedule changed; maybe I won’t.

And if you have another type of scheduling software but are still facing these sorts of issues, something isn’t right. Scheduling software that doesn’t virtually eliminate problems like these – and without causing a bunch of new ones like being hard to use – isn’t very helpful software.

Why Your Staff Will Love Schedule Ease

The single best thing your staff will love is that everything can be done from their mobile device.

  • No more weekly treks to see a printed schedule
  • No more office visits, emails, or calls to request a switch, PTO, or medical leave
  • No more running around trying to find the right person to talk to
  • Easy visual interface
  • Bid process for which days they can request off
  • Offer up shifts you want to give away, from your phone, without talking to anyone
  • See available shifts from other staff members – with everyone remaining anonymous
  • Request to leave early before you even arrive for your shift
  • See your schedule days or weeks in advance so you can plan your life
  • No more surprises!

Also, with the facial recognition time clock that comes with our software – the FaceStation 2 – clocking in and out will be simpler, safer (more sanitary), more secure, and high-tech. It’s a 100% paperless system.

Schedule Ease is the easiest to use and most convenient way to manage their schedules that your staff will ever experience. There. We said it.

They will feel informed, valued, and respected. They will feel like you treating them fairly and communicating well. They will feel heard.

Better for Them. Better for You.

Schedule Ease will make everyone’s life a little bit easier – for you and your entire staff.

You’ll save time, which will enable you to focus on other tasks you keep putting off. You’ll save money, which will make your superiors happy. And best of all, you reduce your stress by not having to solve so many problems and put out so many fires.

Your scheduling process will become a stress-free, hassle-free, calm, and perhaps even a fun task. Best of all, you can try Schedule Ease free for two entire months – that’s 60 days, plus two weeks of additional training.

Try Schedule Ease Free for 60 Days